Creating niche concepts ahead of the market creates barriers to competition; from the earliest stages of planning and physical design through to operations solutions that are difficult to emulate. Being a “step ahead” of the market has been a corner stone of the success achieved by the properties under her stewardship and delivered high level media interest facilitating robust PR at minimal cost.


Start Ups

Taylor Dade offers a wide market sector experience. With this comes a robust understanding and perspective of where both traditional and “out of the box” hoteling standards are relevant to a particular situation or resort.



Preparation of a feasibility study is an essential tool if you are looking for funding. This tool demonstrates your experience, your credentials, and supports the request for funding to be lent to the venture.



The backbone of every project is a robust but achievable budget that can demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the pre and post opening costs.


To prepare a meaningful budget it is important to clearly define the operations and services that will be offered. Whilst there are many unknowns  drilling into the details will help make sure that these are not going to derail the project.



Conceptual ideas, site planning and project management

The site and its geography and the environment will impact on the potential project opportunities. Taking these physical considerations on board is essential from the very start.


Exploring the cost impact of construction based on the geological substrate, and environmental issues can have a  significant impact on the project.


The local culture and expectations of the potential target market and a current market offerings, should be considered early on.


Taylor Dade offers a preliminary proposal for conceptual input, site layout and market review identifying key planning considerations for developing the initial site plan.


Taylor Dade can provide a total design solution or work with your architects to develop the following:

  • Site planning for functional operations and wow
  • Building design concepts for sustainability and operational efficiencies
  • Interior architecture for public areas and rooms and total procurement packages
  • Landscape design including edible landscaping, organic farm with focus on the environment
  • Sculpture and entry signage and branding opportunities
  • Warehouse design/storage for effective operation
  • Kitchen design
  • Spa and wellness centre design
  • Activities and Kids Club
  • Dive centre
  • Boutique design
  • Pool concepts 
  • Laundry 
  • Environmental planning.



The importance of considering...everything.


Optimise the future viability of your project by taking a wide lens view of the unique niche opportunities in the market but be sure to plan for practical service outputs essential to successful service delivery. This early work will benefit the project. For life.


It really does not cost more to get it right the first time. Award winning design is about the detail. It is about relevance. The "sense of place", the local culture and the footprint of the plan on the site. A proactive design strategy will address any unique site issues early on, and incorporate solutions that deliver the best possible outcome for the final projects guest experience and resort operations.



Taylor Dade provides a complete “turn key” solution and will ensure you have budgeted for all the big and little items that are essential for running your resort.


In addition curating and designing works of art, and boutique items at the best possible price to deliver your brand a wow factor.


A defined  look will help brand your property, and each decision must ensure the best result, for the best spend.


Funds must be allocated to these finishing details to complete the project to its final vision;

  • Art works and sculptures
  • Special designed furniture and interior lighting
  • Décor specific items made to order. Screens, planters

As well as provisioning of all the loose operational items;

  • Linens and guest amenities
  • In room furniture and equipment
  • Operating supplies

These small details brand your business contributing to the guests first impression.


They can also impose a future cost if they are not practical and selected for a relevant lifespan.


Everything must be detailed to allow proper budgeting as it is often here at the end of the project that inadequate  funding compromises the final fitout. Taylor Dade will help you prepare a complete list and ensure you benefit from consolidated shipments.


See ADVICE tab for package options.



Pre Opening

There are many details to be considered and amongst the earliest, is “marketing”. Mission statement and core values should be clearly identified to provide a robust and resilient brand outcome. Determining your thoughts around brand options will direct strategy and reduce monies thrown away on  false starts.


Checking the availability of your chosen name and logo, in the earliest stages will avoid potential costly brand issues arising and a loss of momentum.


Will you be self branded or branded under a label and so the details continue that demand attention.


Being able to position the product correctly  requires understanding of the target market. Where will the guests emanate from and how they will arrive at your destination?


There are significant lead times involved to establishing your brand, and these crucial steps need to be made from the earliest discussions on the project.



Who are you. What do you want guests to conclude from your logo branding.

  • Consider your preferred name.
  • Look at the international implications for the name
  • Understand perceptions of the name for other cultures
  • Check ownership
  • Create a logo that reflects your values
  • Define your Mission Statement
  • Look at the logo impressions to scale and printability


Style Guide

A style guide ensures a professional impression is assured.

  • It defines the guidelines for all print and media. No excuses
  • It defines the use and presentation of all logo product and print in vertical and horizontal
  • Text content to different word counts, form the basis for all media releases

Tag lines, email addresses and collateral should be developed once the Style Guide is completed



PR and Launch Strategy

A great way to spend a lot of money and get little return? But also a great way to get exposure you could not otherwise afford. Planning needs to allow 8 months implementation prior to the opening date and on larger projects can be 2 years.

  • Who are the key influencers
  • What stories will interest the media
  • Who do you know? When are they “available”?
  • Prepare a sales kit with suitable support documentation and images
  • Target influencer magazines and awards
  • What star rating should you have? Is this supported by on resort offerings

Do you need a PR relations agent, and if so, where should they be based? Taylor Dade will help you consider strategies that will launch the property based on the answers to these questions and more.


What is important is to accurately represent your offer and your product.



Sales Plan

What rates will be charged and what will be additional costs, or what will be inclusive in the rate? The sales plan must define the guest value proposition.


It must take the philosophy and the strengths and weaknesses of the project and tell an honest story.

  • Reservations on or off property, or outsourced
  • Online system to suit your software
  • What channels will be used for sales
  • Online and wholesale market strategy
  • Budgeting packages and promotions How does
  • Sales collateral pre launch and post launch


Social & Media Strategy

There is a lot of “white noise” out there today. What is important and what is not? This depends on your property, its location, its focus. Some of the social media platforms to consider are Linked in, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

  • Define your social media response strategy
  • Establish regular uploads of stories and data
  • Leverage client and business relationships

For small resorts with limited budgets this is an area rich with cost effective opportunity. At the same time it is easy to get it really wrong with an adverse impact that can also be immediate.


Taylor Dade consulting will help get you started and point you in the right direction to optimise the positive elements of social media.



Website Development

Website development is costly. First time around.


But often websites end up being re-invested as the needs of the business changed, or the functional needs for the website were not understood at the beginning.


Changing websites can cause loss of traffic that had already been built to the original web site. Bookings and core data can be lost. A website should be able to link with the back of house accounts, reservations and on line host support, unless there is a robust reason or decision to not have this capability.


Functionality, and simplicity of guest information and facilitating booking  process is vital.


Amongst some of the items that should be considered;

  • Communications, 24/7
  • Selling tools
  • On line bookings
  • Rate adjustment ease
  • Wholesale access