Unique Hand Crafted Design Solutions

Lighting = Atmosphere

Bespoke lighting crafted to your concept.  A completely personalised design solution. Lighting is the single most important detail.  Yet its seldom treated with enough priority and focus.


Great lighting in itself is transformational.

Give lighting in all its forms the attention it deserves

  • Light is functional.
  • Light is safety.
  • Light has an ongoing cost to operations.
  • Lighting must be practical to maintain.
  • The globes readily sourced
  • Dimmable
  • Colour light specified

and much more.


Special Stand Alone Projects and Collateral  Templates

Taylor Dade can focus on small details projects to help you complete an defined task. Providing tools that you can choose to personalise to your needs for your property, or you can have these developed by Taylor Dade as an end to end solution.


  • General advice

Sometimes it is useful to have a sounding board. Send your query and we will provide a response. Should the response require further input we can quote on a time spent basis


  • Standard Operating Procedures

Defining tasks will help ensure clarity over job roles and who is responsible for what. This is important for guest service consistency and also assists to contain costs. A bible of operating procedures allows the battens to be passed should absenteeism affect the work place


  • Standard Job Description templates

Staff want to do well. But they can be frustrated by not have clear understanding of their role and responsibilities and who they report to. Know what is expected of you also means that if you cannot deliver the required tasks to standard, something has to be done to fix the problem.


  • Newsletters

Newsletters for email blasts or special promotions Have news to share? We can help by preparing your news story ready for you to send out to your database.


  • Slideshows

Slide shows for training and presentations


  • Event Management

Event management planning, design and execution


  • Incident Reports Forms


  • Menu Templates


  • Inventory Templates


  • Waiver Forms