Turtle Island




One of the world's first, couples only island resorts that also offered a sustainable and natural authentic experience.


Karen was appointed as the General Manager for Turlte Island, tasked with the mission to turn it around. The key focus was to ensure that the very discerning clientele had experiences  that would remain with them for a lifetime, and that the very experience of being a guest was transformational. Other specific tasks that were undertaken included:

  • Documenting the special standards for operating Turtle Island Resort from A-Z
  • Overhauling the food and beverage experience to exceed guest expectations
  • Train the local team in all aspects of operations.
  • Deliver consistent outcomes through all guest contacts.
  • Designed and made furniture on island.
  • Set up a small boutique
  • Advised on landscaping
  • Bure redesigned to a floor plan by karen.