Kokomo Island Resort




Lang Walker approached Karen Taylor to become a part of the pre-opening team for Kokomo an all new resort located on an island in Kadavu. Karen lobbied for the name change to Kokomo for the marketing opportunities it represented and the more simple pronunciation, and the Beach boys classic song!


Initial inputs focussed on the site planning to ensure that there was best possible use made of the prime real estate, and to utilise the natural environment to best advantage in the planning concepts.


Taylor Dade consulting advice included:

  • Bespoke interior planning and design for all the public areas and the villas
  • Optimising sales opportunities with a villa configuration to allow future flexibility
  • Project advice on site, pre opening for the operations and planning of the spa, kitchen and dining, bar, spa, boutique and laundry and back of house services to support resort operations
  • Design and budget for turn key procurement of furniture, fixtures and equipment.
  • Conceptualised operational service standards to deliver a unique guest experience.
  • Creating innovative niche design concepts with diving, wellness and family.
  • Integrated cultural elements into the guest daily experience to deliver the wow factor.
  • Created a menu focus highlighting local food, prepared by an all local team to a world class standard and to ensure the best wines could be delivered in the best conditions
  • Remote dining locations and events
  • Cinema concept
  • Sculpture design
  • Kids Adventure Park concept
  • Presented time line strategy for all pre-opening activities to post opening operations. Establishing the operating systems and standards to support the unique niche concepts
  • Sales and marketing and financial budgets and strategies
  • Pre and post opening operational management for the year ending 2015
  • Staff recruitment systems and training