La Vie St John Resort



A new standard in luxury with sustainability

  • Critical review of existing resort footprint and an action plan for revisioning the resort to a new level.
  • Utilising existing infrastructure where appropriate to create a new footprint for La Vie.
  • Focus on sustainable solutions. Integrating wellness of the environment and the individual across the entire project at every touch point.
  • Design the new villa layout integrating environmental strategies and initiatives to support the brand objective.
  • Innovate new operational standards to help manage the challenging site logistics.
  • Optimise the location as a pristine setting on the fringe of a National Park with targeted concepts.
  • Create unique dining experiences with an exciting menu concept using local ingredients to reduce costs and increase guest satisfaction.
  • Destination yoga and wellness retreat with safari adventures.
  • Establish operationally effective BOH and management controls through early planning.
  • Assist in the development of pricing, operating Budgets and financial reporting.
  • To undertake the setting up of relevant operational standards
  • Assist in initial staff recruitment and training to build a re-energised team focussed on the guests.